DWI Lawyer Fees

Q: How much do you all charge to represent people for DWI’s? I got one and I’m worried about going to jail. Do I need to be present if you represent me, and also what can happen to me if I plead guilty?

A: DWI’s are very serious charges. The length of a prison sentence is determined by a number of factors including prior DWI’s and your driving record. Our fee for DWI’s varies depending on whether the matter will need to be taken to trial. A client must always be present for these matters.

An attorney is highly recommended because these types of cases could land you in jail/prison. Our job as attorneys would be to evaluate your case. If we do not think we can prevail at trial, then our goal would be to seek a punishment that does not involve active prison time and that does the least amount of damage to your license/ insurance.

Please contact us immediately for further advice and instruction.

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Attorney at Law
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