New Compensation Rates for Appointed Attorneys

The North Carolina General Assembly, in the approaching weeks, will reduce the Indigent Defense Services’ (IDS)  budget in addition to its existing underfunding.  This will result in the inability of IDS to  continue compensating private counsel at the existing rates.  As a result, the IDS Commission is exploring new rates for appointed attorneys, investigators, mitigation specialists, and others who perform the needed services for indigent defendants and respondents.

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The IDS Commission will hold a meeting in May to discuss the lower hourly rates of compensation as well as the possibility of alternative compensation, but the IDS budget will not be finalized at this meeting.  Thus, the IDS Commission will continue to examine the schedule of rates after this meeting, and under the current House budget, it will retain its authority to determine the new rates.

While this will impact attorneys across the state, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Jason Wunsch remain on the list of available court appointed attorneys in Harnett County.  We will continue to advocate not only on behalf of our privately retained clients, but for our clients to whom we have been appointed as well.

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