E-Courts is the umbrella term for the new filing, records, and associated courtroom software that is currently active in Harnett, Johnston, Lee, and Wake counties. It will subsequently be rolled out to all counties in North Carolina and replace the existing paper-based system and collection of websites used previously. It is a requirement for all attorneys to utilize the new system. If you represent yourself, you can still use the old paper system or use E-Courts if you wish.

You may be asking what this means for you should you have any need to use the court system in a criminal or civil context. E-Courts does offer the opportunity for your attorney to file forms, motions, and the like remotely, as opposed to having to go to the courthouse which may provide additional flexibility. The electronic system does not allow for an attorney to have a judge sign a paper motion or order and file it immediately. Due to the new nature of the system, you may also find it more difficult to find your court date or to handle a legal matter on your own, as all websites previously used have changed and the procedures for many common things require additional work or a different approach.

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Written by Attorney Brian Lynch of the Wunsch Law Firm